Niviss Automotive LED Module 26
Since its founding, Niviss has focused its efforts on developing dedicated and(...)
General lighting
The modules we offer have various shapes and sizes. They can base(...)
The modules we offer have various shapes and sizes, according to customer(...)

Wide range of products

Niviss has been involved in the development of lighting products based on LED technology for over a decade. The main group of products from our wide product portfolio are LED modules that can be used in all possible applications, from street lighting through decorative lighting to the advertising and automotive industries. In most cases, these are dedicated modules prepared on the basis of strictly defined guidelines by a specific client.


Matched to expectations

We offer a comprehensive approach to the subject of LED modules - from the client's idea to implementation. 
We can both develop the module from scratch and produce it based on the documentation provided by the customer.

The offer of LED modules includes solutions of any shape and size and made of FR-4, MCPCB or CEM laminates. It is possible to make modules powered by direct current, constant voltage or with the use of 230V AC mains voltage. In order to adjust the product to the customer's needs, we offer white color modules with different color temperatures (from 2200K to 6500K) and different color rendering indexes (CRI up to 98) and color modules of various wavelengths (from far ultraviolet to far infrared). The module can be adapted to any optics available on the market, and thus can be used in:

backlight applications, which most often use dome optics with a wide beam distribution angle of up to 180 degrees.where optics with an oval cross-section of the beam are desirable with a possibly wide angle in one plane and a narrow angle in the other,used to illuminate roads, pavements and pedestrian crossings
ground fittings, wallwasher or projector.indoor luminaires 


Quality you can trust

We place the main emphasis on high quality and reliability - we can ensure it thanks to the highest quality components, qualified engineering staff, extensive technical facilities and a modern SMT assembly line.

Work on prototype batches is facilitated by a laboratory equipped with, among others, an integration sphere, an electromagnetic compatibility measurement station with a Faraday cage, a climate chamber and a salt chamber.

The main group of products offered are modules installed in luminaires used inside and outside buildings. One of the most important aspects in this type of application is the appropriate selection of optics. Thanks to our vast experience and a wide range of optics, we can easily recommend a solution that will make the lighting system fulfill its task. It is also possible to develop a dedicated and individual optics in the form of a lens or a reflector.

We have extensive experience in designing edge lighting modules and backlight lighting used, among others, in the advertising industry. In this type of products, the key is to select optics with the appropriate characteristics in order to obtain even illumination of the displayed content.