Niviss Ground Refled

  • Based on CREE® LEDs
  • Auto Dimming
  • 230V AC
  • IP67
  • Front made of 316L steel
  • Innovation in LED Lighting


settings innovation
led new standard in LED lightning


The Niviss REFLED technology is a new way of thinking in ground lighting industry. New optics architecture combines a modern luminaire design and eye safety properties. REFLED is safe for human eye. Luminaires equipped with the REFLED Active Anti Glare System reduce up to 100 times more luminance compared to standard ground luminaires. Using the plug and play REFLED Magnet Heating Connection system, the front of the fixture may be 20% cooler in comparison with standard ground luminaires.

High Color Rendering Index is important in modern architecture for enhancing visual impression.  

The REFLED fixtures are made of top-quality materials such as 316L steel, aluminium, high-purity glass for optical applications, and modern CREE® LEDs.

Application for project funding operational programme Intelligent Development

Financial aid granted under the program POIR.03.02.01-22-0022/19

Project value: PLN 1 397 250

Contribution of European Funds - 45%