Since the beginnings Niviss has been pursuing to organise and systematise its activities and processes. In order to achieve it we actively implement internal solutions to improve efficiency, quality and the outcome of our daily work. Additionally Niviss has focused its efforts on the implementation of solutions which base on international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO45001. Our care for the natural environment resulted into obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate. Effective and efficient work let us deliver high-quality products which is our number one objective.  

          Being a CREE LED Solution Provider, a long term partnership with CREE and our confidence in the products of this World leading LED manufacturer have been building our reputation for over 11 years. This and the almost limitless potential of our ambitious and experienced staff are the assurance for our customers that they always get a reliable and best-in-class product. All certificates are available in the „download” section. 


How can I contact Niviss? 

 All contact details can be found in the „contact” section. 


Are your modules and fixtures produced in Poland? 

Yes, both the SMT as well as the manual assembly processes take place at Niviss in our production facility in Gdynia located in the north of Poland. 


What is the warranty period for your products? 

The Ground fixtures are covered by a 5 year warranty. More details about the terms and conditions can be found in the „download” section. 


Can your Ground fixtures be customised? 

Yes, we are open to any suggestions and we can adjust the parameters of our products to fulfill the needs of every customer. 


Are you testing your modules and fixtures?

Yes, modules and fixtures are tested before they start the journey to the customer. Because we need to be sure that our products are reliable and that the quality is very high. We have a special room for long term testing in which we check the lifetime and how the parameters of our products change over time. 


What differentiates Niviss from the competitors?

Fruitful cooperation and mutual trust are the foundations of the relations with all customers. We are flexible and open to our customers’ suggestions and this is the key to meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients. 


Do you have all necesary equipment to measure all parameters of your modules and fixtures?  

Yes, we have our own laboratory for photometric and EMC measurements. This is vital in terms of development of modules for the automotive and railway industries. Please contact us for more details about our equipment. 


 Do you work according to international standards? 

Yes, Niviss works according to international standards. We are obliged to follow the rules defined by ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards. Especially now we put a special focus on the environmental aspects of all production processes starting from purchasing, through manufacturing to packaging of finished goods.