Since its founding, Niviss has focused its efforts on developing dedicated and specialized LED module solutions. Particularly interesting from our side are the modules used in the automotive and railway industries. The high requirements placed on products operating in the above mentioned areas make their development require the use of dedicated software as well as extensive knowledge. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and reliability – we achieve that by:

  • using only high quality components,
  • employing experienced and qualified design engineers,
  • having a high-end lab equipment and SMT production line.
cat_train conforms to automotive/rail regulations
great-experience great experience
european-quality European quality

The skills of our engineering team and knowledge of railway and automotive standards supported by an internal laboratory, make our products fully compliant with current requirements set out in international and national regulations. The extensive technical and production facilities translate into high quality lighting solutions offered by Niviss. Our construction and design team, thanks to their experience and knowledge, is able to offer modules that meet the most demanding client expectations.