LED modules are the area of ​​Niviss' activity where it can show its market advantages and extensive experience. Our modules are characterized by high quality and special attention to detail. Niviss LED modules are not only high-quality end products, but also the result of many hours of work by the design, sales and production teams. It is the result of passion and commitment of all their members. Our clients know that they are in good hands and their lighting products will be characterized by high reliability, based on proven optoelectronic components from global manufacturers. The combination of trust, passion, commitment and quality is our key to success. We share our experience with our current and new clients. Our own machinery park allows us to create the production process in such a way that the LED module is a source of pride for our clients from the beginning to the end. It is also the flexibility that we can offer our clients. We are always open to new challenges because we are sure of what we are doing and a modern hardware base in the form of one of the most modern machinery parks and our own photometric laboratory is our next advantage, allowing us to professionally deal with even the most demanding and difficult projects. The result of this approach are, among others, our modules used in the automotive industry and railways.
LED modules used in the automotive and railway industries are our pride. The difficult working conditions of the LED modules themselves and their compliance with global standards and regulations mean that their design and production processes require the use of an appropriate process approach specific for these areas. Experience, passion and commitment make our modules applicable in automotive and railway products of global manufacturers of this type of equipment. Our own laboratory allows us to verify the compliance of our products with domestic and international standards as well as preparing them for further effective certification. Our team of engineers is ready for next challenges and will be happy to face them with your expectations. We invite you to cooperation.

Available PCB type MCPCB/FR4
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