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Introducing NIVISS Pool Medium Titanium

NIVISS Pool Medium Titanium sets a new standard in underwater lighting technology, offering a perfect blend of functionality and endurance that is unrivaled in the industry.
NIVISS POOL MEDIUM TITANIUM stands as a testament to the highest level of innovation in underwater lighting, combining cutting-edge technology with the enduring strength of 316 Titanium steel. This exceptional lamp redefines standards in underwater illumination, setting a new benchmark for durability and performance in aquatic lighting solutions. At the heart of the Lamp lies the Cree LEDs CXB1310, renowned for their exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. This amalgamation of premium materials and superior LED technology ensures unparalleled luminosity, surpassing all expectations in terms of clarity and brilliance within the aquatic environment. This groundbreaking lamp underwent rigorous testing in a 35-meter-long pool, with installation at a depth of 80 centimeters underwater.

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