General Lighting

The main group of offered solutions are LED modules which are installed in lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use. For this kind of products the key factor, except the performance of the LEDs and the driver, is the proper choice and the quality of secondary optics. Because of our rich experience and partnership with the leading manufacturers of secondary optics we can recommend a perfect solution which will fit the requirements of the application.  

The modules we offer have various shapes and sizes. They can base on FR4, MCPCB or CEM laminates. Depending on the design it is possible to drive them with constant voltage, constant current or simply with 230V AC mains voltage. To perfectly fit the requirements, we offer full range of CCTs (from 1800K to 6500K) and CRIs (up to 98) and also full spectrum of colours and wavelengths from infrared through red, green and blue to UV-C. Of course every module can be compatible with any optics available on the market.

In the case of LED modules used for general lighting, it should be remembered that these solutions are fully tailored to the customer's needs. In the case of designing solutions compatible with the customer's mechanics, we are limited only by the imagination and design assumptions set by the customer. This is a very wide branch of LED modules. These can be both LED modules used in complex lighting applications, as well as dedicated visualizations. These can also be LED modules used in downlights, plafonds and ceiling LED lighting.


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