MARITEX is an official distributor of the world's leading LED optics manufacturers such as Ledil, Khatod, Carclo and LedLink. 

We offer injected, linear lenses and reflectors designed for mid power, high power and COB LEDs. Our manufacturers provide optics with symmetrical beams, oval beams, asymmetrical beams and beams tailored to specific distribution standards, such as road lamps.

Such a complete portfolio of manufacturers allows us to provide solutions for virtually any type of application, for example lighting:

  • street
  • low and high storage halls
  • commercial
  • office
  • decorative
  • emergency

Guided by our experience, we provide advice on choosing the right optics for each type of lighting. 

We also offer the possibility of complex construction of personalised optics to suit customer requirements such as:

  • dimensions
  • angle and shape of the light beam
  • matching the LED model in question
  • material type
  • colour of optics


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