Power supplies

Niviss is able to design and manufacture customized open frame drivers and buil-in converters according to client’s needs.

Niviss has a long experience in designing both high voltage and low voltage drivers, as well as implementing solution also in CE, UL and Saso standards.

Our Company specializes also in delivering the power supplies from wolrld class manufacturers.

In cooperation with the world leader in the power industry - the Taiwanese company Mean Well we lauched  the possibility of modification of Mean Well power supplies by adapting them to the needs of the end customer.

We are able to offer solutions consisting in the supply of power supplies with a dedicated cable harness, with a dedicated connector, as well as labeling of power supplies, or modification of electronics and it’s settings.

All these activities are performed in cooperation with and after training by Mean Well, as a part of the Powered by Mean Well program.

Our Design Department will be happy to help in the development of customized converters.


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