Technical drawings

 The lamp nLinear RGW is based on LED technology. The lamp is designed to lighting the entrance and to signal the opening and closing in door of the train. The white side light is turn on all the time and the his objective is lighting the entrance of the train. The middle of the lighting the turn on alternately depending on the need. When the door is closed and the train is a motion, the white side light is lighting all time. When the door is opening the white side light will change colour white to green light, when the door is closing the light side change colour a red light.

Housing Aluminum
Working temperature range -20˚C ÷ +55˚C
IP protection class IP65
Lifetime L80B10 ≥ 40 000h
Impact resistance IK08
Protection class III
Connection 0.5m
Wiring AZ HXOE 2x0.75.
Dimming ON-OFF
Light emission direct
Colour rendering index ≥80
SDCM colour tolerance <3
Luminous flux tolerance ±10%
Light distribution symmetrical
Nominal voltage [V] 12V/24V DC
Rated power [W] 32
Light source LED
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