Street Lighting

In its wide range of products, the Niviss company also places great emphasis on modules used for broadly understood street lighting. For these solutions, we try to combine high efficiency with excellent control of the light beam. In our products, we aim to achieve the greatest efficiency and reliability to reduce energy consumption and maximize return on investment.
In order to offer our clients the best solutions, we cooperate with leading manufacturers such as CREE LED, LEDIL, Khatod, Carlo. Our R&D, thanks to extensive experience and knowledge, is able to offer an individual solution tailored to the customer's requirements. Our commitment and the use of the latest technologies in the field of LED allow our customers to succeed on the street lighting market.
Niviss modules are also characterized by a long life thanks to the use of some of the best diodes on the market and thermal optimization, which we are able to simulate for the customer using specialized software.


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